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and then there was that time cas had really intense sexual tension with a random guy for three seconds


Okay, if Cas isn’t going to be in this next episode, I just want one of the Winchesters to casually mention him. And for the Ghostfacers to just go, “Wait… You mean Castiel?”


there are few things more cathartic to me in this world than the look of complete boredom on Cas’ face here


his face literally sighs “fucking amateurs”



never forget that:

  • cas has lived for millions of years
  • cas probably has more experience with military strategy than most people could ever even dream of having
  • cas could probably destroy entire cities if he wanted to 
  • cas is actually a being the size of the chrysler building (about 319 m) condensed down so that a human form can handle him
  • cas could basically kick everyone’s ass
  • cas is filled to the brim with angelic fury and has been given more than enough reasons to let it show but chooses not to because his heart of gold won’t let him
  • castiel—angel of the lord, brother, savior, human, and best friend—is important 
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question, do we, the supernatural fandom, have a gif for ‘gif’? i can’t think of one…